A simple annual leave spreadsheet

A simple annual leave spreadsheet is a great tool you can use to track and manage different data sets regarding your staff.

The uses of a simple yearly leave spreadsheet are as follows:

  • Help to track holidays and vacations
  • Help in issuing planned leaves for the members
  • Support in maintaining transparent workflows among the staff by planning the leaves throughout the year.
  • The template can also be used to create a leave schedule or shift schedule.

You can use the leave tracker following the steps below:

  1. Edit the labels and year in your ToDate worksheet
  2. Enter the names of the employees in the ToDate worksheet
  3. Save the template backup
  4. Record the leave on the monthly worksheets.

A simple worksheet will help track different leave codes among the staff, including sick leaves, vacation leaves, paternity/maternity leaves, leave in lieu overtimes, casual leave tracking, and half-day leaves. These sets of information are crucial in planning the workforce for the coming year.

Besides, you can obtain information on the yearly or monthly total of the different leave types that could assist with leave management and project planning.