blood sugar log sheet excel

blood sugar log sheet excel

This chart is provided by vertex42

This new blood sugar log sheet chart was created based on feedback from multiple users and doctors.

The primary new feature is the graphical and color-coded data points for showing the activity associated with each mg/dL measurement.

This makes the chart much easier to interpret because measurements have different target levels based upon time of day and activity.

Create multiple copies of the worksheet so that you can create a chart for each new 2-week period. Bring a printed copy of your chart(s) with you to your doctor’s appointment.

A blood sugar chart determines the diabetic person’s sugar levels throughout the day involving before and after meals.

This chart is used by doctors to set target goals and monitor diabetes treatment plans.

Moreover, diabetic patients used it to self-monitor their blood sugar test results.

For blood sugar test results this chart serves as a reference guide. It is the most significant tool for diabetes management.

If a diabetic patient wants to keep his/her glucose level within normal range then he/she must use this chart.

blood sugar log sheet excel

this chart is provided by vertex42 and its for personal use only, do not resale it.

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