Common spreadsheets uses

Among many common spreadsheets use, the most common uses of a spreadsheet can be to create budgets, make graphs and charts, and sorting and sorting big amounts of data.

on a business level, spreadsheets are used to forecast future performances, complete basic payroll, calculate taxes, calculate revenues, project management, inventory templates, invoice, and receipts among many other uses.

The list of applications to a spreadsheet is enormous, but here is a shortlist of uses :

  • Modelling and Planning
  • Business accounts and budgeting
  • household finance planning
  • invoices
  • attendance lists
  • wages
  • simulations-predictions
  • calculations, from basic to complex
  • break even analysis
  • statistical analysis
  • graph creation
  • data collections
  • loan calculators
  • to do lists
  • pro-cons list
  • financial calculators
  • calendars
  • blood sugar log sheets

and many more uses, one of the best places online to find everything excel related is

Advantages of spreadsheets

spreadsheets are better than manual calculations because they are faster, they can give you charts for easily understand the data visually

spreadsheets can help you calculate very complex formulas, and will allow an unlimited amount of data to be entered and measured

more advantages are :

  • calculations are correct ( if you input the formula and variables correctly!)
  • calculations are completed automatically ( with the push of a button)
  • information is organized and quickly can be modified
  • information can be sorted and filtered to show you just what you need
  • reports are made with charts and graphics along the data if you need some graphics