Vertex 42 Review

Vertex 42 Review:

Professional Spreadsheet Templates That Work

August 26, 2021 

If you are like me, and almost 80% of the people that need to use excel, and every time you open excel you are clueless and stuck whenever you attempt to use it?  You don’t even use 10% of its capabilities, but the most important thing is that if there is a spreadsheet you need, for hundreds of different topics, chances are vertex42 already has it available for you.

Maybe you have been planning on tracking your finances or managing your small start-up business. Maybe you need a Gantt chart, a Calendar, or a financial calculator, well guess what, they have them and they are FREE

You realize that the pen and paper combo just doesn’t seem to work anymore, and sticky notes are just annoying clutter in your workspace. You want to use excel, but you have no idea how to use all of the features, and you don’t have the time or just can’t learn how to do them, so What do you do?

Well just stick around, you will be glad you did.

Introducing Vertex42?

Vertex42 is a website where you can find hundreds of newbie-friendly spreadsheet templates designed for a variety of uses.

It was founded in 2003 by brothers Jon Wittwer, a mechanical engineer, and Jim Wittwer, a graphic designer.

Dr. Jon Wittwer was incredibly obsessed with Excel while he was still pursuing his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. He was known on the campus as the excel guy (how cute!) One day, he decided to dive into online business and put up the website.

His brother, Jim Wittwer, is a graphic designer by profession and helped mainly by designing the website for the excel guy. He is known to be fond of spreadsheets as well.

Together, they merged their love for organization and Excel and have come up with Vertex42.

The Wittwer brothers have been making life easier for excel newbies by providing free spreadsheet templates for managing time, personal finances, education, and careers.

Can you use Vertex42?

Yes, if you have a computer with excel or google pages and you need a spreadsheet, then you must check them out, again they have spreadsheets for uses you haven’t even dream about, and again they are very easy to use, they have done the hard work for you. Almost anyone from all stages of life in all kinds of the industry will most likely find a spreadsheet template for their personal use.


Classes are overloaded, home works and projects are piling up, and stress is shooting through the roof.

What could be the best way to manage all these than to just go ahead and download a Homework Planner? Perhaps Class Time Sheet?


Teachers and managers can easily download templates for managing attendance, lesson planning, etc. which can assist them in organizing an otherwise chaotic scene.

Small Business Owners

Managing a business can become really stressful, especially if it is a one-man team. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Templates from the site include an invoice, timesheets & payroll, financial statements, budgets, calculators, project management, inventory, data analysis, schedules, general planner, etc.

 All of which are helpful tools in running a successful business, right from start-up!

Home use

With helpful spreadsheets which they can download from the site, you can easily keep track of important things. From the simplest grocery list to the most complicated home mortgage, find everything home and family-related spreadsheet!

 Also find an entire section for health charts and logs, which includes food logs and meal planners;

perfect for health-conscious parents who want the best for their children.

Vertex42 Main Advantages

1. User-Friendly Website

Of course, the website itself is as organized as its goals. You can find a couple of categories on the tabs such as Excel templates, Calendars, Calculators, Gantt Chart, Word Templates, Education, Apps, and Blog.

These tabs have drop-down menus that you can access by hovering over them. You will find more options under each one that will direct you to collections of downloadable spreadsheets same time and increase your productivity! 

2. Updated Printable Calendars

Under the Calendars tab, you will find calendars with different designs that are also theme-enabled, so you can freely adjust them to your preferences once you have downloaded them.

There are yearly and monthly calendars available as well, with portrait and landscape options. You can even find ink-friendly calendars! ink is expensive!, you dont have to spend your entire ink cartridge to print one of those

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are also weekly and daily planners up for grabs. Both planner styles are available for the current year and a perpetual ones.

3. Gantt Chart Templates

Developed by Henry Gantt, the Gantt Chart is a tool designed for project management in the early 1900s. It includes organized categories of tasks and project deliverables that are accompanied by bar charts to show the start and end times for each specified task.

4. Template Support and FAQ

On this page, we can find a quick tutorial on how to use Excel and how to go about using it. There are also links to other pages provided, with an in-depth explanation of certain topics including the basics. It includes outward links to how to open and save files, how to enter and edit data, how to format cells and text, etc.

There is also a section on this page that answers questions about specific templates found on the site. Say goodbye to your Excel confusion, as you find this page full of information. And if you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for, they have a Contact Us page…

5. Contact Us Page & Consulting Requests

If you aren’t convinced yet that these guys take Excel seriously, you might want to check out their Contact Us page. There, you can find their social media handles, plus the founder’s e-mail address where you can reach out to him personally. He replies within one business day if not sooner as the page says, as long as it is a legitimate non-spam e-mail. Don’t be wasting the Excel guy’s time!

And if that’s not enough, you can actually contact a Vertex42 Approved Consultant if you are on a more complex project that needs excel assistance. This site really is something.

6. Excel Tutorials for Beginners

Aside from the quick tutorial found on the Support page, there is also a whole page educating students, particularly middle and high school students, on how to properly and effectively use Excel.

The page includes video instructions with fun narrations, downloadable transcripts for each video, and also the very basic terminologies in the world of Excel. This is a very helpful skill to have as a student, and it is openly and freely available to access anytime!

Why trying to invent the wheel regarding spreadsheets

Now that you have learned all that Vertex42 can do for you, go and head on to their website. 

Find the spreadsheet template that you so badly needed, download it, and get organized! Be the most productive you could ever be. I am sure you will be coming for more, and more spreadsheets as you understand how amazing this site is, and how much time and headache will save you.

The templates are free for download, so you don’t have to buy anything if you just need small and simple templates. Don’t waste your time Googling things about Excel. Stop looking for reviews someplace else.