What is a Kanban board template?

What is a kanban board?

A kanban board is a digital or a physical project management tool that helps visualize work,

maximize efficiency and limit the work that is being executed.

For example, you can use a kanban in a spreadsheet to better understand your processes and get a picture of the entire workload.

How to use a kanban board

When using the kanban board, you should start by building a simple structure and enhance the board gradually to transform it into a new workflow management system. The main components of a kanban board are as follows:

  • Work-in-progress limits
  • The kanban columns
  • The kanban swimlanes
  • The kanban cards

What data can you tract with a kanban board?

You can use the Kanban board to track the following sets of data:

  • Get a perfect visual of the existing and the potential problems in your processes.
  • Tracking the focus and limiting the work-in-progress
  • Identify the work blockers
  • Identify the areas that lead to time wastage in your processes.
  • Collect workflow metrics for improvement.